Setting up your CBN Sharpening Wheel

Congratulations on purchasing the latest in sharpening technology for Woodturning!

These wheels are designed for mounting on a standard bench grinder.

They are factory balanced, and will run smoothly at any grinding speed up to 3500rpm. Higher speeds are not recommended.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for the grinder. Even a cheap grinder will run smoothly with these balanced wheels.

Since the wheel has a steel core, it will not shatter like a stone wheel. Therefore, the wheel guards are not necessary to protect from the wheel shattering.

It is fine to run a wheel on only one side of the grinder, or to use a stone wheel on one side with your CBN wheel on the other. If you use a stone wheel on the grinder, the guards are absolutely necessary because stone wheels can shatter while running.

Please protect your eyes while grinding! Steel particles can become inbedded in the eyes!
You only have one pair of eyes, be sure to keep them safe at all times. CBN Wheel

The recessed side of the wheel (image on left) is machined true to the grit surface, so for best results it should be mounted facing the motor of the grinder.

The SuperFlange goes on the motor side of the wheel. Mounting Flange and Washer

The SuperFlange (image on right) is machined to a close tolerance (a tight fit) to give the wheel its best chance to run true. If it is too tight, put the SuperFlange in the freezer for a couple of hours and it should slip into the wheel hub easily.

The machined washer goes on under the nut, with its recessed side facing the CBN wheel. Be sure to tighten the nut completely.

Here is a tip for getting the nut tight (and for removing a stubborn grinder nut): Put a wrench on the nut and, while holding onto the wheel with your hand, tap the wrench with a hammer in the direction of tightening (or loosening as the case may be). Remember that the left side of the grinder (as you stand facing it) is a left handed thread.

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