Seeds of Change

"Seeds Of Change"

4 1/2" diameter x 20 1/2" tall
Amboyna Burl, African Blackwood
Diamonds, 14K Gold, 23K Gold Leaf

My own life is in a period of great change.

As I journey through the Change Of Life, I become aware of changes all around me.

"Seeds Of Change" represents these changes
in my (and our) world.

Change is happening in our country’s leadership, in the economy, and therefore in my business. I experience changes in our environment, in my life, and especially in my artwork.  

When designing a complex composition like "Seeds Of Change",
it is very evident how every change that is made
changes everything else. In art as in life.

"Seeds Of Change" is a multi-axis turning made from
a solid piece of Amboyna burl wood, and
accented with African Blackwood finials and pedestal.

Technically, it is an enigma: A hollow vessel with
the inside bigger than the outside.

It also challenges our concept of a "Vessel". Typically, in my work and others', a Lidded Vessel consists of an enclosed space that describes the outside shape.

In "Seeds of Change", the actual "Vessel" is a small Blackwood bowl hidden underneath the lid. The outside shape encloses an open and accessible space, suggesting that all of the treasure is visible, and distracting us from looking for the treasure
that is hidden from view.

The inner surface is gilded with 23K Gold Leaf.
Two 4pt Diamonds hidden inside represent
life’s (very well) hidden treasures.