"Timberline Treasure"

Cindy Drozda and David Nittmann
Collaboration 2008

Colorado is known for its high
mountain peaks, many above 14000’.

In summer, David and Cindy run
on the trails above Timberline,
11000’ and higher,
where it is too high for trees to grow.

Life at that altitude is hard.
Only the strongest and most dedicated plants and animals can live,
and run, where the air is thin,
the growing season is short,
and food is scarce.

It is a world of extremes.
The harsh cold wind, and
the warm bright sunshine.
A world filled with the
treasures of nature.

Cindy turned "Timberline Treasure"
in her signature elegant style.

David’s "Basket Illusion" design
represents the mountain skyline,
in colors found on the Tundra
above Timberline.

A moonstone inside
symbolizes the magic of life
on the Tundra.

Two hidden diamonds
are for the treasures that one sees
only by taking the time to look.

"Timberline Treasure"
is made from Maple and African Blackwood,
with a Faceted Moonstone,
and 4pt Diamonds in 14K Gold
17" diameter x 28" tall
Timberline Treasure