Gooseneck LED Worklight
with Magnetic Base

Never work in poor light again!

LED worklight

LED Gooseneck Worklight with a 60 lb magnet has a 2 5/8" base diameter. The light has a 24" flexible goose neck, and super bright LEDs. This magnet is strong enough to hold securely to any ferrous metal on your lathe or other machine.

LED Gooseneck Worklight with a 100 pound magnet and 2" base diameter

(as shown) sticks tenaciously with an extra small footprint. This is the same exact lamp , with a stronger magnet.
This magnet is so strong, it is hard to remove!

The lamp is rated for 80 lumens, 3 watts, and has a colour temperature of 2700K


Note: This light will not stand up by itself, it needs to be stuck to ferrous metal

LED worklight
60 lb magnet light, 2-5/8" base

LED light, 60 lb magnet - $39.95

LED light, 100 lb magnet - $49.95

Choose magnet strength

Mini Gooseneck Lamp with Magnetic Base (as shown below)
12 LEDs, daylight color 6000K, bright light,
7" Gooseneck, 10-1/2" overall length, 48" cord

$10 each
$5.95 Shipping per order
Standard Ground within the USA

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Mini Gooseneck Lamp
Mini Gooseneck Lamp
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