Tool Handles with Set Screws

An easy way to mount your tools and start turning right away!

7" long Handle with 1/4" hole fits the Drozda 10V Vortex and Pyramid,
or any 1/4" diameter round tool

7" long Handle with 3/8" hole fits the Drozda Finial Gouge, 3/8" 40/40 Bowl Gouge,
or any 3/8" diameter round tool

12" long Handle with a 1/2" hole accepts the rectangular tang on 1/2" Drozda Scrapers, the 1/8" Parting Tool, or any 1/2" diameter round tool.

16" long Handle with a 5/8" hole accepts the rectangular tang on the Drozda Wide Arc and Wide Sweep Scrapers, and any 5/8" diameter round tool.

Thompson Aluminum Tool Handles
Made in USA by Doug Thompson

High quality, Black Anodized 6061 Aluminum
Hollow tube allows tool to be adjusted in length, or reversed for travel.
High tolerance set screws allow easy tool removal for sharpening.

12", 16", and 20" handles come filled with steel shot, 7" handles are not shot filled.

7" Handle, 1/4" hole   $47

7" Handle, 3/8" hole   $47

7" Handle, 1/2" hole $47

12" Handle, 3/8" hole  $63

12" Handle, 1/2" hole  $63

16" Handle, 5/8" hole $75

20" Handle, 3/4" hole $90

Drozda Wood Tool Handles
Made in USA by Cindy Drozda

Made from North American domestic Hardwood
Utilizes the Thompson Handle Adapter with Set Screws to hold the tool.
Tool is easily removed for sharpening, or reversed for travel.
Octagonal cross section won't roll.
Wood is lightweight, warm in your hand, and dampens vibration.

Drozda wooden tool handles

$9.95 Priority Shipping per order
Standard Ground within the USA

email me any time with ordering questions

7" Handle, 1/4" hole   $55

7" Handle, 3/8" hole   $55

12" Handle, 3/8" hole $70

12" Handle, 1/2" hole  $70
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