Cindy Drozda Signature Woodturning Tools

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All Tools are hand sharpened and ready to use!

Drozda Finial Gouge

Drozda Signature Finial Gouge
3/8 Spindle Gouge with the Drozda Finial Grind. Designed for making the accurate, precise, detailed finials for which Cindy is known. The tip is shaped with a small radius, giving it the detail cutting ability of an 1/8" gouge, while having the strength of a 3/8" tool. The long swept back wings are used like a skew chisel for planing cuts. This gouge has most of the heel removed for better access.

Hand sharpened and ready to use!

10V Steel performs best when sharpened with CBN or Diamond.

Available in M2 Steel, made in Sheffield England, 6" blade length, 10" Ash handle,
or 10V Steel, made in USA, 9 1/2" total length, unhandled.

Drozda Vortex Drozda Signature Vortex Tool
The perfect tool for getting into really tight spaces!

The vortex tool is "a gouge with no flute and a skew with no heel". It can slice endgrain like a skew or make very clean vee-groove details and define the
v-shaped space between beads. Excellent for finishing a bead next to a square pommel. Used for light finishing cuts.

Vortex is not to be used as a scraper.

Hand sharpened and ready to use!
Re-sharpen with a diamond hone on the top surface.

Avialable in 10V Steel, 6 3/4" total length, unhandled.

Drozda Recess Scraper Drozda Signature Square Recess Scraper
This is a very special negative rake square end scraper. It excells at accurately cutting paralell-sided square recesses to fit box lids or make jam chucks. This scraper has a top bevel to reduce catches, also making it good for use on hardwoods, exotics, and other materials. It is used flat on the toolrest. Cutting with the burr allows you to make very light finishing cuts to tune up the fit.

Hand sharpened and ready to use!

Available in 10V Steel, 6 1/4" total length, unhandled.
Drozda Hooked Scraper Drozda Signature Hooked Scraper
This Negative Rake Scraper is used for hollowing boxes and vessels that need undercutting at the rim. The top bevel reduces catches for stress-free endgrain hollowing of small boxes and other projects. This tool works best with hardwoods, and is capable of both aggressive and finishing cuts. It is used flat on the toolrest. Hone off the burr for extra fine cuts and for working with plastics.

Hand sharpened and ready to use!

Available in 10V Steel, 5 3/4" total length, unhandled.
Drozda Arc Tool Drozda Signature Arc Tool
The Arc Tool is a Negative Rake Scraper that is used for fine finishing. This tool removes tearout, and leaves a super smooth surface that needs only light sanding. Its unique and versatile curved profile works a variety of shapes. Symetrical bevels allow the Arc to be used either side up. The tool is used flat on the tool rest, with the grinding burr up to cut burls and side grain. Honing off the burr, or turning the tool upside down, gives a finer finish on endgrain or acrylic.

Hand sharpened and ready to use!

Available in 10V Steel, 8 1/4" total length, unhandled.
pyramid tool Drozda Signature Pyramid Tool - 10V Steel

The Pyramid Tool is also known as a Point Tool. It can be used to make clean vee grooves in any grain orientation or material.
It also rolls beads in endgrain or side grain.
Hand sharpened and ready to use!

Available in 10V Steel, 6 3/4" total length, unhandled.

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Drozda Signature Finial Gouge
M2 Steel

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