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I have to move into a smaller shop, so lots of stuff needs a new home. Here is a partial list:
Please contact me by email or text to 303-449-7170 (voice calls ok, too, but please leave a message)

Nichols lathe
Vicmarc lathe
Air scrubber dust extractor
Single Phase Air compressor
Australian Burl slabs, huge Jarrah Burl

track lights for 10' x 10' booth
Woodworkers bench vise
Easy Up Craft Show tent
Track light set for craft shows

Wooden Hand Screw Clamps
1" x 30" belt sander
hand screw clamps
Glaser scrapers
Plywood travel case

There will be an open shop sale on June 20th, 2015 from 11 - 6. Lots of wood, small items, and freebies at the sale!
5854 Rawhide Ct, Boulder CO 80302

Feel free to contact me before that if you want something in particular.

Here is a partial list. Come to the sale, or send me an email, for more small items and wood

Nichols Lathe - This lathe will turn 27" x 12 feet long. It is great for those 12' porch columns! Custom made by John Nichols for David Nittmann in 1999. David used it quite a bit, even made some 12' columns. This is a very heavy, solidly built machine. Electronic variable speed DC motor with great low speed torque. All parts are in working order. Comes with an assortment of giant faceplates, wrenches, extra tool rests, spindle steady, etc. Converts to a 10' bed. -  $6000 obo. Pictures here

Air Scrubber dust extractor - don't know what brand or model, measures 12 x 24 x 34 - $180 Pictures here
Air Compressor - Single Phase upright model, excellent condition -
Track Light Set - to light a 10' x 10' craft/trade show booth 110VAC, tracks, fixtures, bulbs, and power cords, used in great shape - $200
Plywood Travel Case with wheels & handle - Very heavy duty steel reinforced, 20" x 28" x 13". Too heavy for the airlines these days, perfect for protecting your artwork on the way to a show. $30
Wooden Hand Screws - Various sizes $20 ea
Tabletop Belt Sander - 1" x 30", excellent condition, - $50
Wilton Woodworkers Bench Vise - $50
EasyUp Craft Show Tent - professional model, with Flourish Co support pipes, EZ Weights weight system, - $350
Burl slabs, platter blanks, huge Jarrah burl - pictures here
Cocobolo log - very old, pre-CITES -