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Cindy Drozda Center Points

For the OneWay or Jet/Powermatic Live Center
Designed by Bruce Campbell

OneWay live center with Drozda Point installed

Drozda Center Points are designed to work with the OneWay Live Center.

They also work with the Jet/Powermatic copy of the OneWay.

- More clearance when doing delicate work near the live center

- Limit how far the point penetrates into the work. Especially valuable in hard woods.

- Hold tailstock pressure on a variety of different shaped projects

- For small work and other creative live centering options.

- These center point inserts ONLY fit the OneWay Live Center (and the Powermatic copy)

- Live center is not included.....

Centerpoint Set of 4

Drozda Center Points - Set of 4

Replace the stock point in your OneWay or Powermatic Live Center with one of these Points!

The OneWay Live Center System is perhaps the most rugged, high quality,
and versatile live center on the market. This accessory makes it even more versatile!

Set of 4 includes: Micro Point, Cone Point, Flat Point, and Reverse Cone Point

All Drozda Center Points are 3/8" diameter, 1.2" long

Set of 4

Live Center is
not included

Micro Center Point Drozda Micro Center Point

This is the Point that I use the most. Its small footprint makes it perfect for small work.

The extension length allows extra working room at the tailstock end. A sharp needle point
bites into the wood, offering centering and side-to-side stability
without leaving a large indent in your project.
Limited penetration keeps the tail center from splitting hard wood.

The Micro Center Point is best for boxes and other small projects in hard woods.


Live Center is
not included

Cone Center Point Drozda Cone Center Point

Perfect for centering on a small hole or recess, or on a center mark with gentle pressure.

Provides more clearance and working room than the typical cone center.

Live Center is
not included
Flat Center Point Drozda Flat Center Point

The flat end provides tailstock pressure without making an indentation in the workpiece.

A piece of cork, leather, rubber, or plastic glued onto the end gives
non-marring tailstock pressure
on a finished piece. Drill a 3/8" hole in your wood to make a custom tailstock accessory.
Live Center is
not included
Reverse Cone Center Point Drozda Reverse Cone Center Point

Offers side-to-side stability where a mark on center is undesirable.
Very useful if the center mark on the wood is not in the correct location,
or the workpiece needs to be repositioned. Also centers on a small tenon on the end of a piece.

Live Center is
not included
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