Aluminum Handle Adapters with Set Screw

Make a removable wood handle for your 10V Drozda Tools.

Watch my YouTube video on making a handle using these Adapters!

1/2" handle adapter

An easy way to mount your 10V scrapers into a hand-made wood handle,
or a metal handle with a 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", or 7/8" hole.

With these Adapters, Gouges and other round tools can be reversed into their handles to protect the edge while traveling.

The 1/2" Adapter accepts the rectangular tang on the Drozda Scrapers,
and tools with a 1/2" round shank.

Fits into a 5/8" hole. ID is .530".

3/8" handle adapter

3/8" Adapter fits the Drozda Finial Gouge, 3/8" Bowl Gouge,
and other 3/8" round tools.
Fits into a 1/2" hole. ID is .410".

1/4" handle adapter

1/4" Adapter fits the Drozda Vortex, Pyramid, and other 1/4" round tools.

Fits into a 1/2" hole. ID is .266".

5/8" Adapter (not shown) fits the larger tang on the
Drozda Wide Arc and Wide Sweep Scrapers, and other 5/8" round tools.
Gold color. Fits into a 3/4" hole. ID is .658".

3/4" Adapter (not shown) fits the 3/4" Bottom Bowl Gouge and other 3/4" round tools. Silver color. Fits into a 7/8" hole. ID is .766".

1/2" Handle Adapter

3/8" Handle Adapter

5/8" Handle Adapter

1/4" Handle Adapter

Are you looking for 3/4" Handle Adapters?
I'm sorry that I am no longer carrying them.
Here is a good alternative.


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